10 Fall Family Photo Ideas You Need to Try This Year

10 Fall Family Photo Ideas You Need to Try This Year

With autumn fast approaching, many families are busy planning their fall photo sessions. There are so many beautiful backdrops and colors to take advantage of as you make memories with the people you love. If you’re planning your own shoot and are hunting for some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Play in the leaves

If this is your first fall family session, you simply have to get a few photos of you and your kids playing and lying in the leaves. Not only are the colors incredible, but these shots instantly portray cheer and joy. 

2. Sit amongst the pumpkins

When you see pumpkins, it’s only natural to think about fall. Whether you have a pumpkin field near to your home or you buy a few for your shoot, this is definitely a prop you should consider for your family session.

3. Pick some apples

If you happen to be close to an apple orchard, this is a perfect setting for your family photo session. The colors are striking and picking a few apples will help your photographer grab some candid shots. You can achieve something similar with a cornfield too. 

4. Create shadows

If you want to give your photos a dramatic effect, schedule your session for later in the day. This allows your photographer to use the colors of the setting sun and a fall backdrop to play with shadows. Picture the silhouettes of your family against a beautiful, natural backdrop. 

5. Play in the park

If fall is starting to take its toll on the trees in your local park, why not use it for your family photo session? There are so many elements in a park that work well in family photos. From the falling leaves to swings and lakes, it’s no wonder this is a firm location favorite. 

6. Bring in Halloween

If you and your children are big fans of Halloween, you could always use it as a theme for your upcoming fall session. Whether you want to dress up or add in a few props to bring the theme across, the choice is yours. 

7. Get cozy

Sometimes, something as simple as a blanket can create the perfect family photos. Find a cozy blanket for your session and let your photographer get a few shots of you and your loved ones laughing and keeping warm.

8. Head to the train tracks 

If you happen to live near train tracks that are no longer active, this is an ideal setting for your next fall family photo session. Chances are, the tracks will be surrounded by colorful leaves and trees, with the actual tracks adding a rustic finishing touch. 

9. Pose on some steps

Stairs are always great for family shots because they make it easier to get close and accommodate people of all sizes. To give it a fall look and feel, find a set of stairs that are covered in autumn leaves.

10. Drink up

Nothing says fall like warm cider or cocoa, so why not incorporate it into your session? This is a particularly nice idea if you choose to have your shoot at home. Make and drink some cocoa with your loved ones for great candid shots. 

If you’re new to the area and need some help finding a location for your fall family session, I’d be happy to speak to you about a few ideas. 

What to Expect From Your Fall Mini Session

What to Expect From Your Fall Mini Session

You don’t always need to schedule a full photo session to update your family photo album. Mini sessions are ideal for families with limited availability, as well as those who don’t want too many photos.

If you’ve recently scheduled a fall mini session, here is what you can expect before, on the day of and after your fall mini session.

Choosing an Outfit

The number one rule when choosing an outfit for your family session is to be comfortable. If your clothing makes you uncomfortable in any way, it will show up in your photos. When it comes to choosing a fall-themed outfit, consider the colors associated with this season. You also want to choose clothing you can layer. Your session might start out being slightly chilly, only for things to warm up later on. It’s also important for your outfits to coordinate – not match. If you haven’t already, use Pinterest as a source of inspiration for your clothing.

Getting There on Time

Keep in mind that because mini sessions only last about 30 minutes, photographers usually book several sessions per day. This means, if you’re late, chances are you will need to schedule your session for another time. If your kids are younger, rather plan for delays to ensure you can get to your session on time. If you can no longer make your shoot, most photographers are willing to provide you with a credit for a future session if you cancel your shoot in advance.

There’s Only Room for Your Family

Some people tend to show up to mini sessions with additional family members. Because of the time constraints and to limit distractions, it’s best to only bring along the people who will be part of the shoot. If you want to include extended family, it’s better to schedule a full family shoot.

Planning for Bad Weather

If your fall mini session is taking place outside, rain could affect your plans. We’ll keep an eye on the weather in the days leading up to your session to plan accordingly. 


In most cases, you will have your proofs within 2-5 business days. Once you select your favorite images, the final images would be delivered within another 2-5 business days. 

Fall mini sessions are a fun way to spend some quality time with your family and receive some memorable shots for your albums and home. With a little planning and the help of the right photographer, these sessions are nothing to stress about.

What to Consider When Choosing Outfits for a Fall Photo Session

What to Consider When Choosing Outfits for a Fall Photo Session

Finally scheduling a fall family session is exciting, until you realize you need to plan your outfits. 

Your family photo session is a chance to make genuine memories, which means your outfits should represent who you are as individuals and as a family. Your outfits absolutely don’t need to match. Should they be coordinated? Absolutely! But there’s no reason why everyone should be wearing the same thing, unless that’s something you really want to do. 

In the weeks leading up to your photo session, here’s what you should keep in mind when planning your outfits. 

Choosing Your Fall Family Photo Outfits 

Consider the Season

It’s about to get much cooler, which means your outfits need to fit in with that. Plus, people who are cold are a lot less inclined to enjoy the photo session. For your fall photo session, choose outfits that are warm and layered – just in case it gets warm during your shoot. Pay attention to the temperature throughout the day in the week leading up to your session to make a final call on just how warm your outfits should be. The best advice is to choose pieces that work together but also on their own – layers, layers, layers. 

Choose a Color Palette

Fall colors are beautiful and some of the easiest to turn into an outfit. Along with considering the colors associated with fall, it’s also important to keep your location in mind. If you’re opting for an urban shoot where the backgrounds will be busier, you want to choose a color palette that’s a bit more neutral. Think brown, red, black, yellow, orange, and deep purple when selecting your palette. Every family member doesn’t have to wear the same color, but the colors should coordinate.

Don’t Forget About Texture

Many people tend to forget about shape and texture when choosing their fall photoshoot outfits. Knits, plaids, and velvets are all textures that speak to the fact that it’s about to get colder. Just make sure that the texture and shape of the clothing you choose coordinates and suits each family member’s body. 

Know Each Person’s Preferences

You may love seeing your little girl with a bow in her hair, but she might hate it. Knowing what your family members prefer to wear will ensure you choose outfits everyone feels comfortable in – this includes you. Discomfort shows up in photos, plus it stops everyone from enjoying the session and making new memories. 

Create a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is one of the best sources of inspiration for fall family photo ideas, so if you haven’t already, use it as a source of inspiration. 

Once you have your outfits and location sorted, you can fully enjoy every moment of this special family session.

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